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The human being started to quest the mysteries of the brain a long time ago, yet today many puzzles remain unsolved. Thanks to the knowledge in current stem cell biology, developmental biology, and many others, now we can build 3D models of the human brain in a dish. These models, named as brain organoids, are 3D neural cultures capable of recapitulating the spatiotemporal organization and function of the brain. Brain organoids provide easy access to deciphering the human brain in a dish, which otherwise could be hard to achieve. 

At Xiang Lab, we explore the human brain organoid toolkits. By combining with more stem cell technologies, particularly genome editing, we apply brain organoids to understand the etiology and therapy of human neurological disorders. We aim to both address fundamental questions in human brain research and serve the urgent needs in medicine. Learn more about our lab and join us in bringing about more positive changes.

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