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Cell press selection
June, 2021

Our research was featured on the cover of this special Selection on organoids and assembloids. 


Early-career researchers

May, 2021

Cell Stem Cell has featured 71 early-career researchers over the past year. In the closing issue, Yangfei Xiang shared insights about starting a new lab. 

Special issue on brain organoids

March, 2021

Our review article was featured in the cover in a special brain organoids issue.


Methods to watch
Jan, 2021

"Organoids generated by spatially organizing multiple cell types, called assembloids, will enable deeper insights into tissue function."-
In this commentary, our studies on vascularization of brain organoids and modeling of human interneuron migration were highlighted.

Lab highlighted by Cell Stem Cell
Nov 5, 2020

The initiation of Xiang lab was included by a special Voices feature at the journal Cell Stem Cell.


Welcome new members

Dec, 2020

Graduate students Yantong Liu, Xiaoxiang Lu, and Wei Pang joined the lab.

Collection by the journal Nature
June 18, 2020

"Stem cells, and cells differentiated from them, are now used in vitro and in vivo in a variety of applications, such as disease modelling, drug screening and for transplantations."
Our study on vascularized brain organoids was selected for this collection issue.


The Research Topic "Improving In Vitro Modeling of Human Brain with Future Brain Organoids" welcomes original research, review, and commentary articles aimed to explore all recent advances in human in vitro models based on 3D brain organoids. We welcome your submissions!

Research topic in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience
Dec, 2020


Welcome new members
Aug, 2020

Undergraduate students Xuanqian Tan, Jiajie Yang, and Yuyan Zhu joined the lab.


Welcome new members
March, 2020

Image by Pickawood

Xiang lab officially opened. Graduate students Linlin Jiang, Janfeng Wei, and Wei Zhou joined the lab.

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